Moments that Explode

Well hello there.

So I’ve started this little blog.  Someone may find it someday.  Or not.  Perhaps I will write in obscurity here in bloggy land forever.

And here I am writing that awkward first post.  The one where we always feel like we have to say what the blog is about…as if a million readers will tune in the minute we hit “publish”.

Ok, well, then…

This is not my first blog.  Not even my second.  I now have three blogs out there.  This is my only “anonymous” blog though.  Although it is my guess that many who find this blog?  Will know who I am.

So if people will know me…why anonymous?

Well, that is the thing.  I have a LOVELY blog that is out there with lots (lots for ME anyway) great followers.  Most are bloggy peeps, but some are family.  In particular?  My mom.  My MIL, grandmas. You get the point.

It’s not that I sugar-coat things on my other blog, but well, I can’t fully write how i always want to.  That blog?  My mom checks for pictures of her grandson.  She loves my writing too, but lots of family relies on it to know what we are up to as a family.

This blog?  This one is just for me.  The other one has our family name.  Students, parents, random people can search us and find it.  This one?  Not so much.  it’s a little freer for me and my writing.

So what do I want to write about?  I want to explode the moments of my life.  I want you to feel them, see them, hear them, hell even smell them and taste them, maybe.

I want to focus more on JUST ME here.  I can say things how I want to say them without having to think about gramma falling out of her chair with shock.

Not that all I have to say is shocking…not at all. 

It’s just freer here.  I hope.

About ksluiter

Just a small town girl...wait no, that is a Journey song. Although I do live in a small town. I am a wife, a mother, a teacher, and a writer. We have joys and we have struggles. Just like you.
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3 Responses to Moments that Explode

  1. What a lovely idea!! A blog just for YOU!!! I think I am your first follower!

  2. Miranda says:

    ❤ this and you!

  3. nichole says:

    You go, with your bad self, Katie! Blow some stuff up! :)I'm along for the ride.

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