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Devil Inside

That look she just gave you?  It’s because she doesn’t agree with how you parenting your child. (Why the hell didn’t you clean the bathroom?  What have you been DOING all day?) ANGER ANGER ANGER ANGER ANGER ANGER ANGER ANGER … Continue reading

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She has been gone now for nine and a half years.  I remember the day she died. Really she–the strong woman I knew–was gone years before that.  It started as forgetting to turn the oven on to make Sunday dinner.  … Continue reading

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When I leave in the morning just a little bit too late, I drive past middle and high schoolers from my subdivision who are walking to their bus stop. In the dark. I always notice that most of them do … Continue reading

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The following post is entirely fictional.  The characters and situations are made up. As the elevator doors slowly close, I start to let out a sigh of relief that this ride will be a solo one. The day has been … Continue reading

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I am from…

I am from cornfields, from the smell of manure and the buzz of deer flies. I am from the corn in the woods for the bucks and the doe. (Yellow, tempting it attracts our forest neighbors.) I am from gravel … Continue reading

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I am

I am red. Bright, obnoxiously, glowing red. I am so red that I am on fire.   I am a palm tree. I go with the flow and Give shade to those who need it most.   I am vegetable … Continue reading

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