I’m Katie Sluiter.

From Sluiter Nation.

This is my other place…a place for my memory.

Exploded Moments came about because I needed a place to talk about my life before becoming a Sluiter.  Before Sluiter Nation ever existed.

It is a little project for me to explore the moments in my past that show up at random in that place behind my eyes.

I love words.  I love images.  I love to create images with my words.  This is what I call an “exploded moment”–one that explodes from my brain, to the computer screen, and into your brain.  A real moment of mine that you can see, smell, hear, taste, and feel.

And hopefully enjoy.


I also blog about my current life as a wife, mother, and teacher at Sluiter Nation.  And if you like to read, please join me at Katie’s Bookcase to discuss some great reads.

I am part of the team at The Red Dress Club as well.

I can be contacted at sluiternation (at) gmail (dot) com

ps.  like my header and my button?  It was custom designed for me by Lindsay at Linz Loves You.  Check her out!