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I’m Still Alive

It isn’t my “first rodeo” as the saying goes, but the anticipation and excitement never gets stale. The floor is packed.  I am shoulder to shoulder with some huge guys.  Some of whom I know will be missing their shirts … Continue reading

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a day at the beach

Again, I didn’t belong there. I can’t remember getting on the boat; the first thing I remember is watching two visibly older parents (made older by the events of the past month) watching a boat full of family take what … Continue reading

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I am

I am red. Bright, obnoxiously, glowing red. I am so red that I am on fire.   I am a palm tree. I go with the flow and Give shade to those who need it most.   I am vegetable … Continue reading

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The Time Chair

I have stories to tell you.  Hence why I started this bloggy blog.  But I am finding it hard to choose which ones to tell first.  I started with my tattoo story because it shows you what a Bad Ass … Continue reading

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